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Valentina Mc Carthy

Russian Dolls, Valentina & Friends

​​​Why we are

Russian Dolls, Valentina & Friends is a conduit that  bridges Russian artists to European collectors, galleries, and simply admirers of Russian beauty.

Art tends to reflect the history and the life the of the artist.

Over the past century, the history and the lives of the Russian people have been marked by extreme tragedy, struggle, beauty, cynicism and passion.

Whatever one's affection may be towards Russian culture and history, it is impossible to be indifferent to the strong images that they evoke. The extreme climate, the immense territory, the equally vast imagination of Russian scientists, authors and military leaders, the grandeur of the czars and Russian ballet, all contribute to my soul and my personality.

I am strong and courageous.

I am beautiful and elegant.

I am an ocean of love.

I am generous.

I am passionate

I am violent.

I am fearful.   

I am my own favourite hero and my most feared villain.

I am Valentina.

My collection of art and artists reflects several aspects of my own background and my life, as well as the life of my compatriots.

Some of my art is the voice from behind a wall, and iron curtain, or a gulag. Other pieces demonstrate the victory and the burden of freedom, the pleasure of the summer in Saint Petersburg, or the love and passion shared between the East and the West.

The work of Valentina, Russian Dolls & Friends is designed to provoke you, even anger you, to enlighten you, and to make you fall in love again.

Please accept this invitation into my world.

Valentina Mc Carthy was born in Lenigrad, in the USSR, where she spent her former years with her sister Oxana, and her parents, Aleksei, and Alla who were both engineers.

She attended the Anikushin Art School for children in Kronshtadt, which is a military base just off the shores of Saint Petersburg.

In paralel, Valentina also persued her studies in classic russian ballet.

Valentina later attended the Tavricheskaya Art School (Таври́ческое худо́жественно-педагоги́ческое учи́лище), which dates back to 1839, and which has produced several famous artists including  Alexander Semionov, Lev Russov, Valery Vatenin, Nina Veselova, Piotr Litvinsky, Maria Rudnitskaya, Galina Rumiantseva, Ivan Varichev, Vladimir Galba, Orest Vereysky, Vasily Golubev, Victor Sveshnikov, Evgeny Charushin, Vasily Zvontsov, Lubov Kholina, Kapitolina Rumiantseva, Yuri Tulin, and others.

At 22, Valentina left Saint Petersburg and moved to Moscow where she persued her studies in art at Moscow State Stroganov Academy of Industrial and Applied Arts (Московская государственная художественно-промышленная академия имени С. Г. Строганова), which was founded in 1825.
After the fall of the Soviet Union, and inspired by her mother, Valentina travelled to several parts of the world that she read about.
During one of her trips to Paris, she met her husband, and she moved to live with him in Dublin, Ireland, where she continued to persue classic Russian Ballet.
The couple then spent a year together in Saint Petersburg before establishing themselves in Paris.
With her network of artists in Russia, Valentina established herself as an art dealer in Paris, in view of sharing her cultural background and her love for art with the French and European population.

Russian Dolls, Valentina & Friends